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Le Marche, the best place for the festivity shopping

Christmas Shopping in the Piceno Area around Montefiore dell’Aso

Still haven’t started Christmas shopping, or stressing about what to buy that one difficult relative? Worry no more. We have rounded up suggestions of Le Marche-themed gifts for everyone on your list. The Piceno Area around Montefiore dell’Aso in  southern Le Marche, is an undiscovered gem also because the wonderful shopping here.



There’s more to Le Marche than beaches, mountains, hills and food. The scenic landscape houses some of Italy’s best leather and shoe factories. Along with a number of iconic designer brands.

In Italy Marche stands for craftsmanship and quality. Especially when it comes to leather goods and shoes, but also the area is also big on tailoring and hats. For classy and brand conscious consumers Marche is a shopping paradise. Here a list of where to go and what to look for:

The area around Fermo has proud traditions for shoe making, leather craftmanship and artisans, producing 90% of all Italy’s shoes.

Marche is known for it’s Many are hidden in the hill-top towns, family run businesses quietly making beautiful leather items for the big designer names. If you are looking for shoes that focus on femininity and elegance created by the high stiletto heels with elegant curvy and sexy shapes these three brands outlet of superb handmade production is for you. if you wear the 37 size you can buy champions at incredible prices.

nandomuzi – Porto Sant’Elpidio
loriblu – Porto Sant’Elpidio
lesilla – Porto Sant’Elpidio



Top Shopping

Best known of course is Tod’s, whose famous moccasins/driving shoes and handbags are always favourites with celebrities and royalty.  Tod’s and its brands Fay and Hogan can offer also clothes and accessories.  Discover the factory and outlet in Brancadoro (Casette d’Ete, Le Marche ) to take profit of wonderful price reduces in comparison with the best Cities’ boutiques. Casette d’Ete is only 39 km drive from Montefiore dell’Aso.


Across the road, there is the shopping village “Il Castagno” that offer several different brands (and products) all with local production (or partial). Among the best the “Prada outlet store”, PremiataHugo Boss etc.


castagnovillage – Casette D’Ete FM
fay                –    Casette D’Ete FM
hogan            |



Le Marche and its sixty million hats a year made in  the historic towns of Montappone and Massa Fermana, represents the centre of World’s most important hat-producing district. If you are a hats lover we suggest you the best brands Sorbatti (Man) and Ferruccio Vecchi. Montappone is only 38 km drive from Montefiore dell’Aso.

sorbatti         – Montappone FM
ferrucciovecchi – Massa Fermana FM



If you are looking for exclusive bags at reasonable prices we suggest you to visit the laboratory of a hand-woven artisan who has worked with fashion greats such as Gucci, Prada and Bottega Veneta

With Arte dell’Intreccio, the signature intrecciato motif combines exclusive color combinations embracing the finest leather for the softest touch.

artedellintreccio – Petritoli FM



Panettone is traditionally a Christmas bread sold all over Italy during the holidays. It finds its origins in Milan around the 15th century.

The bread, rich with eggs and butter, sweet with honey, scented with vanilla and lemon zest, with the finishing touch of dried and candied fruits is served sliced and toasted for brunch and as a dessert with a selection of cheeses and sweet wines. The bread is quite sophisticated. We suggest you to buy local artisan products. The traditional method for making panettone is done over the course of several days. It included long sessions of kneading and allowed for up to 20 hours of rise time in order to create a flavor that is both sweet, but also has a complexity caused by the fermentation of the dough.

dolcerubino                   – Fermo FM
pasticceriadorina – Montefiore dell’Aso AP
granforno          – Marina di Altidona FM



To accompany a wonderful artisan panettone we suggest you a sparkle variation of a local wine grape. Translated the noun “Passerina” in Italian means “little sparrow”.

The passerina grape variety has ancient tradition of cultivation in Southern Le Marche that represent the Passerina’s heartland.

The Passerina sparkling wine (Charmat method) resulting from the pure vinification of the native Passerina grape variety. Fresh, extremely enjoyable thanks to its balanced taste, it offers complex senses, dominated by the notes of the impressive acidic heritage that is typical of Passerina grapes. Soft straw yellow, bright, giving immediate life to a stream of bubbles, fine mousse, persistent. Delicate aromas of yeast with hues of fruit and white blossom. Dry with delicate tangy perception, elegant and intense. A MUST for these Christmas celebration toasts.

vinicentanni – Montefiore dell’Aso AP
terrafageto             – Pedaso FM

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