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Oasis of peace and nature with a fishing rod

The “I Due Laghi”, Moresco, Le Marche Italy

Oasis of peace and nature with a fishing rod in your hand

We are at the “I Due Laghi”, sport fishing activity situated, as some other, along the Aso valley, near the “Piane di Moresco” (down valley of the beautiful hilltop town of Moresco), in the Province of Fermo. It is a pleasant place surrounded by nature, where temperatures are mitigated by the two lakes. A place that inspires relaxation and rest, a siesta and walks at the same time.

Fish and fishing

Here fishing is very interesting for the ichthyofauna varieties. There are mainly Pikes, Trout and Black Bass.

There are also Tench, Carp, Eels and Chub.

All the fishing techniques are allowed but those most encouraged are spinning fishing, fly-fishing and other fishing techniques with artificial baits. Prohibited the baiting.

The Pikes can get to the considerable size of over 8 kg, and the black bass around 4 kg. The use of the fishing net is recommended with prey of this type. Catches require, anyway, fights of several minutes.

In the smaller lake, you can find Rainbow Trouts of different sizes up to 4 kg in weight. Although these are farmed trouts, have an intact finnage and a strong musculature, together with oxygenation of the water, it makes the trouts excellent fighters.

In this lake you can keep the fish paying a bit more, but only the trouts not the back bass.


The lakes

The two Lakes consist of two fishing ponds of different sizes and depths.

The waters are almost always crystal clear thanks to the underground springs and when murky for the unworthiness of the river Aso. The waters are also well-oxygenated, especially in the bad season, so much to give to the fish an extraordinary fighting spirit.

In the first lake, the largest, the deepest and with a most wooded perimeter with a central island, there are mostly Pikes and Black Bass. Here it is required to release the prey, the NO KILL policy, by Andrea Benigni intentions, the manager, should permit the continuity in catching especially the Pikes. Fishing in both lakes in “No Kill” regime has the advantage of costing less.

The lake in question is also the only one, until the summer season, allowing fishing from small own or chartered boats or fishing with the curious “Belly Boat” or “Float Tube”.

Booking the boat, especially on weekends, it is highly recommended.


The Kiosk

The lake also offers a refreshment bar, a small kiosk for drinks, coffee, snacks and hot sandwiches like sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs, “Piadine” with cheese. Also cold sandwiches with ham or pork loin. Numerous tables and chairs are available in the green areas, as well as barbecue equipment, are free.

Tents and campers

For the summer season the management will provide spaces for tents and campers.

Prices and Timetables

2 Lakes in No Kill
Half-day no kill € 7.50 from 6:30 to 12:00
Half-day no kill € 7.50 from 12:00 to 17:30
Full day no kill 6:30 to 17:30

Trout fishing picking € 5.00/h per person
Boat rental € 10.00 per person all day
Owned Boats or Belly Boat – Free

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