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Dustin Hoffman in Italy, Le Marche

Dustin Hoffman in Fermo, Le Marche, he is visible on the stage of the Theater of Fermo during the whole video. I realized some familiar places what I share with you.
The theater of Fermo is an amazing building, you must see once and feel the atmosphere. There is no permanent ensemble but we were told there are some theater play during the summer season. It is possible to visit by the organization of Musei Di Fermo.’Aquila

Check the breathtaking seaside at 0:09 second, it is the beach at Numana only 50 minutes drive from our villa.
At 0:22 you can see a part of Grotte de Frasassi. It’s ideal program to do something indoor activity in the summer. The stalactite cave is amazing and it is easily can be discovered. To reach the cave you have to drive only 80 minutes from La Dolce Vallata.
At 1:00 you can have a view about Loreto with the dome of the Basilica della Santa Casa. It is known about the house in which the Blessed Virgin Mary is believed to have lived. It’s 40 minutes drive to the north. Enjoy the beach within 40 minutes from Loreto in Senigallia, where is a famouse Rotonda a Mare. You can see it for a second at 1:48.
From our villa only 50 minutes drive to the south Ascoli Piceno with it’s grandiose main square Piazza del Popolo. If you visit there have an ice-cream in the famous bar, called Caffé Meletti or liquor Anisette, an anise-flavored liqueur. In the video it’s at 1:14.

Otherwise the countryside and the seaside is incredible at any part of Le Marche.

Watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

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