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Walk along the trail, mostly in forest, for about 1.5 hours and then back.

Level difference: 250 meters (900 – 1150)

In the Sibillini Mountains, the Tenna River forms the Infernaccio Gorge, with its part of the Gola dell’Infernaccio, which opens the gateway to the source of the Tenna River (Capotenna) and the Eremo di San Leonardo refuge.
By car, after passing the village of Rubbiano, at the junction marked below, turn off onto a small road where you can continue for about 2 km. Here you can park your car parallel to the road.
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From here you walk about 800 meters to the entrance of the gorge, passing by the small waterfalls (Le Pisciarelle). At the beginning a gravelly and rocky part leads to a path with small bridges and huge stones. After a few hundred metres, there is a junction, leading to the right up to the Eremo di San Lonardo, to the left to the source of the Tenna river (capotenna). Take the right one.
The building (Eremo di san Lonardo ) is under renovation and rarely visitable. It offers a spring water and shady clearing and a beautiful panorama.

Gola dell’Infernaccio

Here are some of our pictures from this nice walk:

Gole dell'Infernaccio

Gole dell'Infernaccio

L’Eremo di San Leonardo

L'Eramo di San Leonardo


10 minutes from the junction there is a nice little village worth to visit. It is known by the salami Ciauscolo and the Pecorino cheese. Have a nice walk in the historical city center. You can find: Chiesa di San Francesco;  Chiesa di Sant’Agostino, del XIII-XIV sec. d.C.; Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie.
7 km from the town, in the Sibillini National Park  is situated the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Ambro.


The biggest city on the way back (10 kms from Montefortino ) is worth to stop for a caffe or for an ice cream, this bar is in the junction, you can’t miss it: Bar Flory.

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