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Discovering the sourroundings of Montefiore dell’Aso in Le Marche, Central Italy

Today you will discover Montefiore dell’Aso and its neighborhood in an article easy to read.
You are close to discover a wonderful territory situated between two preserved valleys of a charming rural landscape in the southern Le Marche Region with ancient villages full of history and interesting things suitable for families with children.


  • Montefiore dell’Aso


Montefiore dell’Aso represents the leader of this sort of tourism cluster. Montefiore dell’Aso is a charming ancient town, 10 km far from the Adriatic Coast. This pretty, little hilltop town, have everything to please eighter the tourist or the expatriate.
It is a pleasant historical town. It has a very interesting Museumthe Polo Museale San Francesco hosting the Carlo Crivelli’s Maddalena, a famous painting that is a veritable art treasure. It has a wonderful pastry shop/cafè “Pasticceria Dorina” with free wifi  just in front of a useful Hospital.

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Montefiore dell’Aso can number one of the best ranking tripadvisor restaurants of the area. The Restaurant Osteria 5 Colli  is one of the most refined you can find in the territory. Not satisfied yet? If you are a wine lover but hate the headaches after few glasses, in Montefiore dell’Aso there is a beautiful winery (once there ask to visit the barrel cellar) Domodimonti Winery  producing Natural Wines guaranteed by an ownership coming from the pharmaceutical sector. We suggest you to try the “Passerina” to accompany a mushroom risotto.


  • Massignano

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Massignano is a nice little village with a territory that extend within 6 km of roads till the Adriatic coast. This secret pearl of Le Marche was, in the past, the village of the terracotta production. Known as the “Paese de li Cuccià” (Potters Village in local dialect), Massignano home the Terracotta Museum divided into two interesting sections for families: the “Domestic Use” and the “Whistles and Tobacco Pipes”.
Among the illustrious historical figures, Massignano can number one of the most extraordinary of the entire Le Marche territory: Callisto Monsignor Giuseppe Gentili, State Councillor of Joseph II (Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1765), the apostolic nuncio (sort of Ambassador of the Pope) in Austria, agent in Rome of the Bishop of Mainz. A talented diplomat always around the world who never forgot the land of his parents to which he felt to belong. His bequest to the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament is still visible and can not fail to fascinate the visitor: a beautiful church dedicated to St. James the protector of the Pilgrims and a Museum of Sacred Art with precious objects that belonged to him, the Museo Parrocchiale San Giacomo.


  • Campofilone

Campofilone is famous for its maccheroncini IGP fresh pasta that you can buy at the most renowned artisan factory Spinosi. If your curiosity gives you an impellent desire to tate this special type of pasta than you can have a yummy break at Le Cinque Ragazze, a traditional restaurant in the downtown.


  • Pedaso

Pedaso is a lovely town on the Adriatic coast with little stony beaches and a beautiful boardwalk. Once in Pedaso we suggest you to shopping quality artisan, leather shoes with a distressed look at the Shoto Store. You can taste the regional wines at Cantina Terra Fargeto a biological winery with vineyards overlooking the sea, the Terra Fageto Winery.


  • Altidona

Altidona, a little town where you can admire a beautiful artwork of Vincenzo Pagani, the Madonna in trono con Bambino, painted in the sixteenth century, conserved inside the Church of Santa Maria e Ciriaco.
From here you can go to Marina d’Altidona for a walk on the beach and an Aperitivo at the Gran Forno Cafè.
Don’t miss to visit the Perfero coffee shop, where you can buy fine coffee blends able to win international prizes.


  • Moresco


Moresco is a beautiful town belonging since 2001 to I Borghi più belli d’Italia, an association of small Italian towns of historical interest of quality heritage. Here in Moresco you can take one of the most beautiful picture in southern Le Marche Region. Move away from the town toward Altidona and you will find a lovely framing, with the ancient village the singular tower, the tiny church of the Madonna della Salute surrounded by the trees (check the map below)


  • Monterubbiano


Monterubbiano is a Bandiera Arancione by Touring Club Italiano and offers a great view on Valdaso from its hilltop position.
You can visit the lovely downtown and take a break at the Restaurant “Il Coccaro” to taste the fried tagliatelle, a culinary specialty and admire a spectacular view.


  • Petritoli


Petritoli competes with Montefiore dell’Aso for the crown of the liveliest town in the Area and not surprise that many Europeans have chosen to come and live here.
If Montefiore dell’Aso can boast a closer proximity to the Adriatic Sea, Petritoli can offer an old town with a higher concentration of renowned, typical restaurants: the Osteria delle Cornacchie, Re Squarchiò and Palazzo Mannocchi.
Don’t miss to visit Arte dell’Intreccio by Rebichini, to buy his beautiful woven bag and Drum Art by Silvano Biancucci that produces hand made drums with unbelievable sound.


  • Monte Vidon Combatte

Monte Vidon Combatte is a small town with lovely parks and stunning landscapes.
Here you can breathe a fascinating medieval atmosphere and during the Summer you can walking and getting lost through its lanes.
Don’t miss to visit the Salumificio Passamonti, for buy delicious cured ham and smoked ciauscolo, a real food rarity, old version of the typical salami.


  • Carassai

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Carassai is a nice town with a medieval citadel that invites you to walk through its narrow streets. Here I suggest you to visit the atelier of painter Maurizio Virgili.

If you like to taste the Ciauscolo, traditional spreadable salami from Le Marche, you can not  miss the outlet shop of Federici. Among the wines you can not miss the opportunity to buy directly from the producer one of the 20 Tre Bicchieri 2017 Gambero Rosso of Le Marche. Selected wines prized and inserted inside the prestigious guide. We are talking about the Offida Rosso Vignagiulia 2013 Dianetti.